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Brazil vs uruguay u20 score 2013 1/12
South American Championship U20 2013 - South America - South american Soccer

Brazil vs Uruguay U20 score information, played on Saturday January 12 ,2013 on a South American Championship U20 2013 soccer match:

Current match Status Uruguay vs Brazil: has finished

Brazil vs Uruguay Final Result:
   Winner is Uruguay with final score of 2-3
Brazil vs Uruguay Goals:
6' Uruguay, 48' Uruguay, 71' Brazil, 72' Brazil, 90' Uruguay,

12 janu - South American Championship U2 2013
 Has finished
Goals: 6' Uruguay, 48' Uruguay, 71' Brazil, 72' Brazil, 90' Uruguay,
If you want to know at what time is the match Brazil vs Uruguay, in the following table you can find the start time of Brazil vs Uruguay in different cities:

    20:00hs   Time Asunción, Paraguay
    18:00hs   Time Bogotá, Colombia
    20:00hs   Time Buenos Aires, Argentina
    18:00hs   Time Chicago, USA
    18:00hs   Time Guayaquil, Ecuador
    16:00hs   Time Los Angeles, USA
    00:00hs   Time Madrid, Spain
    21:00hs   Time Montevideo, Uruguay
    19:00hs   Time New York, USA
    19:00hs   Time Toronto, Canada
    23:00hs   Time Ireland, Dublin
    00:00hs   Time Rome, Italy
    17:00hs   Time San Jose, Costa Rica
    20:00hs   Time Sao Paulo, Brazil
    23:00hs   Time London, England
    00:00hs   Time Paris, France
    20:00hs   Time Santiago, Chile
    18:00hs   Time Lima, Peru
    17:00hs   Time Guatemala, Guatemala
    18:00hs   Time Panama, Panama
    19:00hs   Time La Paz, Bolivia
    17:00hs   Time Tegucigalpa, Honduras
    03:00hs   Time Moscow, Russia
    17:00hs   Time Federal District, Mexico
    17:00hs   Time Nicaragua, Managua

Uruguay´s coach in this game against Brazil is J. Verzeri