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Australia vs pakistan score 2012 8/7
Olympics 2012 Mens Hockey 2012 - Fifa - Worldwide Hockey

Australia vs Pakistan score information, played on Tuesday August 7 ,2012 on a Olympics 2012 Mens Hockey 2012 hockey match:

Current match Status Pakistan vs Australia: has finished

Australia vs Pakistan Final Result:
   Winner is Australia with final score of 7-0
7 augu - Olympics 2012 Mens Hockey 2012
 Has finished
If you want to know at what time is the match Australia vs Pakistan, in the following table you can find the start time of Australia vs Pakistan in different cities:

    06:45hs   Time Asunción, Paraguay
    04:45hs   Time Bogotá, Colombia
    06:45hs   Time Buenos Aires, Argentina
    04:45hs   Time Chicago, USA
    04:45hs   Time Guayaquil, Ecuador
    02:45hs   Time Los Angeles, USA
    10:45hs   Time Madrid, Spain
    07:45hs   Time Montevideo, Uruguay
    05:45hs   Time New York, USA
    05:45hs   Time Toronto, Canada
    09:45hs   Time Ireland, Dublin
    10:45hs   Time Rome, Italy
    03:45hs   Time San Jose, Costa Rica
    06:45hs   Time Sao Paulo, Brazil
    09:45hs   Time London, England
    10:45hs   Time Paris, France
    06:45hs   Time Santiago, Chile
    04:45hs   Time Lima, Peru
    03:45hs   Time Guatemala, Guatemala
    04:45hs   Time Panama, Panama
    05:45hs   Time La Paz, Bolivia
    03:45hs   Time Tegucigalpa, Honduras
    13:45hs   Time Moscow, Russia
    03:45hs   Time Federal District, Mexico
    03:45hs   Time Nicaragua, Managua