Barranquilla vs quindio score 2018 9/30
B Division Colombia 2018 - Colombia - Colombian Soccer

Barranquilla vs Quindio score information, played on Sunday September 30 ,2018 on a B Division Colombia 2018 soccer match:

Current match Status Quindio vs Barranquilla: has finished

Barranquilla vs Quindio Final Result:
   Winner is Quindio with final score of 0-1
Barranquilla vs Quindio Goals:
85' Quindio,

30 sept - B Division Colombia 2018
 Has finished
Goals: 85' Quindio,
If you want to know at what time is the match Barranquilla vs Quindio, in the following table you can find the start time of Barranquilla vs Quindio in different cities:

Barranquilla´s coach in this game against Quindio is A. Reyes

Quindio´s coach in this game against Barranquilla is M. Prince